Our Vision

From the desk of Chairman

Mr. Pravin Thanki

Mr. Pravin Thanki

Doing the right things and doing things right is a balancing act, it requires the development of better strategies and efficient operations to deliver the facility and required services. As a matter of fact, technical operations have to be integrated with concrete foundation of efficiency. Arpan has taken a big leap in providing multiple solution for Construction, Global Trading and Facility Management. We at Arpan believe that success lies in its ability to build strong, long term working relationship with our Customers, Vendors and Buyers. Together with a highly skilled team, who has repeatedly demonstrated that we can deliver high quality work on time and within the budget, we strive to give you the best.

Our Policy

In working with you, we are an extension of your own operations. It is crucial to us that your facilities are well managed and their values are preserved to the fullest.
This involves forward thinking and planning within the life cycle process, using the most sustainable technologies and value based strategies. These extend the life and condition of your valuable assets, your business relations and trading throughout the globe and keeping your assets working dependably for long-term.
Our client relationship is based on mutual goodwill and in your confidence that we are working in your best interest.

Safety Assurance

We are committed to achieve, maintain and improve health and safety. Environment, Energy efficiency, Quality standards in all aspects of its activities. We do this with Integrity in a responsible and sustainable manner.
People are our business. So whether it’s our employees, partners or the community our alpha priority is to maintain a safe and healthy environment in all areas of operation. We maintain complete safety in all the respects, it is engrained into everything we do.